A Simple Way to Fix Your Skype Menus When Used With Dark Themes!

Skype is the current dominator in the VOIP world, but GNU themselves are working on a new project in the hope of reducing "Skype activities" thus giving users the chance to have a truly open and free VOIP software.

But still, until that happens, let's not forget what Skype has brought all these years... least to say, it is very popular and useful as hell ;-). Anyhow, have you noticed when you use Skype on Linux with darker themes, then the text while accessing menus aren't readable at all?.

If you have that annoying problem, then Andrew from Webupd8 has written an article which describes a simple way you can fix it. This is what you're gonna have to do.

Make sure to log-into Skype and go to "options" using  and once inside, on the "General" tab, click on "Choose style"  then activate an option called "Desktop settings". Now click "apply" and "OK" to close the options window. Wallah!.. now it is fixed.

See the difference ...

Note - When I was reading some of the comments on Webupd8... some have complained about it's not working properly but for most of us this should work. Again thanks Andrew :).

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