Smooth Inset, A Beautiful Looking Fast Loading Gnome Shell Theme!

If you use Gnome 2 + version or anything below the Gnome3, then this theme won't work. If you haven't heard about Gnome shell, then it is the default Gnome desktop manager which replaces the Metacity. Now since "Shell" is written in pure Java... it was criticized by some saying that, there will be no back-ward compatibility with the Metacity.

For instance, if you simply hate the Shell and would like to use Gnome 3 with Metacity, then you simply can't do that!, as simple as that. But the rest assured, it looks promising though. A brand new theme interface with better looking graphics... in a way Gnome had to introduce something to compete with Microsoft Visa or 7's Aero I suppose, even though we have Compiz, still it is not an official Gnome project. So, they wanted something of their own.

Anyway, if you have installed Gnome 3 beta, then Smooth Inset is a beautiful looking theme that uses the new Gnome Shell. Go to this Smooth inset devianart page for more information on downloading and installing it.

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