TestDrive Software In Ubuntu Without Even Installing Them! (Introducing WebLive & QTNX)

Ubuntu has done a lot of changes in the software center over the years. I mean, I remember when it was still a "baby", where one could only do few simple tasks such as installing and uninstalling few chosen software with limited functions. But nowadays, the Software center is a one big complex all purpose software managing application in which you can do almost anything that software center suppose to do!.

And the latest news is that it just got better!, Although this is not possible for 10.10 (yet I guess) users, but if you have installed the Natty Alpha version, then there is an application called "QTNX" which is basically a remote desktop login (GUI) for Linux which is designed by a KDE geek called George Wright.

So as you can now probably guess, after installing this app first, then you can install software to a remote location (other than your PC HDD of course) which gives you the ability to test-drive you apps in your PC without having to install it on your HDD!.  Another benefit of this method is that, since you're actually installing applications to another computer, your OS won't be affected by any bugs on the apps, since it is not "embedded" into your OS.

So, as I was saying, first you have to install the QTNX on your PC first. After that you can run applications on a remote locations via the WebLive API (if you don't understand the terms, just forget them, I put them in the article, so it would looks like complete :) ). Have a look at the below screenshots for getting a better idea.

After setting up the QTNX, you'll get a "test drive" function on Soft/Center...

Now you run AbiWord within the Software Center (installed on a Remote location)!

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