Ubuntu 9.10 Support Will Be Ended on April 30, 2011

Unless if you're using a LTS (long term support) version of the Ubuntu OS, within 18 months after the original release, Canonical will stop giving security updates and software updates for the standard version. Now it has been almost 18 months since the Ubuntu 9.10 is released, be aware that from the April 30th, 2011, the OS will officially "expire".

So, if you still use the 9.10 version then you have two choices.

1. Continue using it without the security or software updates (not a big concern actually for most of us, unless of course if you run a business that needs cutting-edge "features" and bug fixes).

2. Or, you can upgrade to the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which would continue to give updates until 2013 (3 years cycle for LTS). You may want to keep few things in mind if interested in the upgrading process

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