Unity Receives Handles!, Easily Move Windows (Perfect for Tablet PCs)

Unity was the failed "proposal" from Canonical which was "rejected" by Gnome according to Mark. Anyway, after they decided to create Unity without the help of the Gnome "team", the desktop GUI has been receiving feature after feature, though some requests from the users were rejected by Canonical (like the position of the Dock for instance) but still it is going strong!.

The latest feature according to Jason, who's an engineer at Canonical, is the ability to move your windows from here to there in Unity using a touch based screen (obviously) and it seems once you get used to it, not only it is fun, but can be pretty useful too.

So how does it work?

1. On your touch sensitive screen, do a three finger tap and then release, which should bring the controls as shown in the below screenshot.

2. Now, touch any of those virtual controls using your finger or click on it using a mouse or whatever the device you use for that. You can either re-size or move it around with those controls with ease. They're planing on giving a drag-handles via shortcut key, which currently is in development.

*. The handles will be there for 3 seconds from their activation point (won't go away if you're using them on another window already).

*. As said above, you can use them on multiple windows at the same time.

*. Not only on touchscreens, you can actually use it on your touch-pad as well.

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