Acer Might Introduce a Chrome OS Based Netkbook in the Near Future!

Few days ago Sony introduced their first sets of Android Honeycomb based Tablet PCs called S1 and S2. Now it's rumored that Acer in the near future might come up with a sleek looking Netbook that's powered by the Google's Chrome OS!.

Although no one could predict that how we would "define" the ultimate, all purpose operating system of the future... but one way or the other... Google has two of 'em (Android or Chrome, smart move eh :D ).

Upcoming Acer Netbook called ZGB!...

Although this won't be the first official netbook to carry Chrome OS since it was in 2010 (around December) when Google first introduced a netbook called Cr-48 which was only shipped for 60,000 testers via Chrome OS Pilot program but the rumored Acer netbook is not a prototype nor just another testing device... it's gonna be a real laptop that we, as normal users are going to be able to purchase!.

Although it's not clear about all the hardware details at the moment (obviously).

Anyhow it's codenamed "ZGB", powered by an Atom processor (Intel), 1366x768 HD display resolution, the screen size could vary between 10in to 12 inches, a HDMI port that uses an encoder chip from Crontel, etc are the hardware details that were reported by a recent post at trustedreviews.

It's dated around mid 2011... so we should hear "something" from Acer in the very near future. So until then, hold your breath... 'cause Chrome OS is coming!.

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