Agora 12", Ultra Protable Laptop Powered by the Upcoming Ubuntu 11.04!

It was announced by Canonical sometime ago that, starting with the 11.04 version, they're going to merge some of those "editions" to a single "Ubuntu download". But, even before it's been released, already manufactures are releasing ultra-portable laptops with Ubuntu 11.04!. Agora 12"runs the upcoming Ubuntu edition but according to the manufacture, it fully supports MS Windows too.

The "Agora 12"...
Here are the main features...

*. Comes with an Intel Celeron M (mobile) processor, low voltage edition, which runs at 1.2Ghz (800FSB).

*. 1GB DDR2 RAM (max supports 4GB).

*. 250GB SATA HDD.

*. Intel GS40 integrated graphics (240MB shared).

*. 11.6" WXGA Widescreen HD LED Display.

*. 1366 x 768 (16:9) screen resolution.

*. 1.3M front camera.

*. HD audio.

*. 3 USB ports.

*. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

*. 4Cell 4000mAh batter (lasts about 3.5 hours, according to Kogan, the manufacture).

*. 3 in 1 Card reader.

*. Weights about 1.3 kg.

Well, this is interesting actually. Although now, many has started to criticize the "Unity movement" by Canonical, yet some of the electronic gadget manufactures seems to think otherwise. If Canonical could create a little empire in the near future, it should really interesting how it's going to affect the GNU Linux and the reactions of the developers as well. We'll see :).

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