Ambiance Theme For XFCE, Get the Ubuntu "Confidence" in Xubuntu!

"Branding" is very important. Not just marketers, everyone has their "Brand" one way or the other, it's inescapable. Branding is the way others judge/define you. So in that sense, nobody can escape from it. Some have the "courage" to create one, some don't... very few actually don't care the heck what others think.

But as the saying goes... "People only believe what you tell them".

A cunning individual can make a fortune out of it. Your success with the Brand is measured by its ability to install a certain sense of "confidence" in others. The more confidence your Brand carries... the more "successful" it's gonna be. Although it's a bit evil, but you don't necessarily have to be better... gotta be cunning, that would do it these days, it seems.

Anyhow, sorry to drag you this long into the article (had too much to drink... kidding). From the start Canonical, I gotta admit, even they had chosen somewhat the wrong colors in their look-n-feel still when I looked at their OS, I did feel something in it. After sometime they came up with a better looking theme for their OS which is called "Ambiance", which was introduced with Ubuntu 10.04 and after.

"Ubuntu" for Xubuntu!...

Although it's a matter of preference, they've done a nice job trying to "recover" from that horrible color theme that was the obvious mistake from that start (in my eyes anyway). And as a Xubuntu user if you miss some of that "Ambiance", then I have some great news for you. Guess what!, a cool dude who loves Xubuntu has created an exact replica of Ambiance for Xubuntu!.

1. You can install the Ambiance theme in Xubuntu using the Terminal by using the below command.
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-artwork
2. Now, go to, System -> Appearance and under "Style tab" you should now see the Ambiance GTK theme. Apply it.

3. Download other part from here and extract the content to = /usr/share/themes.

4. Now in System-> Window Manager, apply the Ambiance theme.

Log-out and Log-in. Now you're done! :).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I recommend extracting to ~/.local/share/themes/ however, so you don't have to sudo.

Gayan said...

You are welcome :)...

Anonymous said...

Much better, than default xubu :)

Gayan said...


Oh yeah ;-)

nonme said...

Flippin' Awesome!

Gayan said...


I know :D.

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