Are You Ready For the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet!

Apple dominates over 20% of the Tablet PC market alone. Although when considering the first iPad and things that it brought ... this is not a surprise, however, they recently introduced the new iPad which sucks big time in comparison with the previous model which can turn things around for Apple if they keep following their fears :).

Introducing the BlackBerry PlayBook!...

It seems that Apple may have lost their "cool" attitude due to the competition in the market... and this will open few "portals" :) to other Tablet PC manufactures to give users what the iPad does not give! thus giving a small chance to start their own dominance over the market, hopefully. Although it's still too early to tell, but BlackBerry is ready to ship their latest Tablet PC's called PlayBook, starting this Tuesday!.

Even before it is released, when BlackBerry released its features, etc for the first time... they received A LOT of positive feedback from the users all around the world!.


Well, first of all, they've decided to stick to their own OS BlackBerry Tablet OS rather than going for the popular Android these days. But most importantly, it seems that they are aiming for the business users! rather than the average PC users like you and me which is the most important thing about it.

But that's not to say that it is useless for us... far from it actually, when considering the hardware specifications, 1Ghz Dual-Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 64GB (SSD), fully supports HTML5, Adobe 10.1, Wi-Fi and Bluethooh, 3MP front camera and a 5MP back camera, HDMI out put, USB ports Optional 4G... it is ideal for the average gamers as well!.

Although Apple claimed their iPad2 being able to play HD video... in truth it actually cannot render high resolution videos even with that so called "9x" or whatever the faster GPU it has over predecessors. But the Blackberry Playback Tablet is capable of playing full 1080p HD videos out of the box!, ouch!. 

The display is about 7" which in comparison with the 9.7" in iPad 2 is a bit short. But as said before... it feels like they're going after the business people which is where there strength lies... I think :). Anyhow, it is too early to say anything about it... but we'll see what it really capable of when they release it Tuesday... if you can't wait till then... you can pre-order it from their official web page if you like... ooh you rich people ;-).  

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