BleachBit, A Comprehensive System Cleaner For GNU Linux/Ubuntu

For windows users there is an excellent system cleaner called Ccleaner which is totally free and awesome!. But, few years ago, finding something like that for GNU Linux seemed like a dream!.

But thanks to Ubuntu and other widely spread Linux distributions now you can find a carbon copy of any application to do any task in Linux where were in the past you could've done it only under MS Windows.

BleachBit... Linux "Cleaner!"...

BleachBit is one of the best all purpose system cleaning apps that you can find for Linux. From cleaning things such as the cache of the synaptic, Firefox, Bash, Evolution history files, Gnome and KDE temporary files, Flash, Beagle desktop search cache... you name it!. It is very easy to use thanks to the intuitive GUI and installing it in Ubuntu is pretty as well.

Open your "Ubuntu Software Center" and put the "BleachBit" into the search box which should automatically bring to the installing wizard. When prompted (see the below screen-shot) click on the "install" button to install it in Ubuntu (10.10 in this example).

Once installed you should be able to access via "system tools" -> "BleachBit" from the main menu.

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