Blogger Introduces Dynamic Views Addon for Chrome

Yesterday Blogger announced another cool add-on for Chrome web browser called the "Dynamic Views". What this does is simple, once installed, whenever you visit web sites in Chrome that are hosted in Blogger, you'll be able to view the sites with 5 totally different ways/views!.

Whenever you visit a site, a small looking official Blogger icon will appear near the bookmarking icon on Chrome (see the below screenshot) and when you click on it, it'll give you 5 different ways to view the site such as ...

*. Flipcard -


In this mode, a flippable "card" will be created automatically. If the post has a picture, then usually one side of the "card" will display the image while the other side (which is shown when you move your mouse pointer over it) contains the "title" of the post.

*. Mosaic -

Well as the name says, the web page is "created" using a mosaic painting type method.

*. Sidebar -

When viewed in this method, the posts are shown to the left side (sidebar) and the latest post it automatically featured to the right side.

And the other two views are called "snapshot" and "timeline".

But here's the thing. When you view blogger blogs using this Chrome addon the blog is rendered using a standard "theme". So if you have done customizations such as different link colors, title colors, etc... then they are automatically ignored!. But as the time goes on, let's hope that they'll try to come up with an answer for that too.

And personally, I don't find it that useful actually. But then again, that's just me... who knows you may even love it!. If you have installed Chrome, then why not give a try for the Dynamic Views add-on!.

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