Canonical Releases Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2, Final Beta Version Before the Release!

Prior to the planned release date of April 28th, Canonical has officially released the last beta version of the Ubuntu 11.04 (version "2"). From the start, Unity desktop has been a controversial "thing" and it would be interesting the reactions of the users when they release it officially.

Anyway, in this beta release, they've done few major bug fixes such as...

*. Overlay scroll-bars are there by default! (for both Unity and Classical desktops).

Ahh those Scroll-bars!... (in both Unity and Classic Gnome)

*. There is the Gnome Classic Desktop - Yes, from the log-in window you can choose between the Unity or the classic Gnome desktops.

*. Better Compiz integrations (yep... Compiz is the default "effect" handler for Unity desktop...).

*. The Network Manager applet (Gnome) has been given a patch for working with the "libappindicator".

*. Banshee remains the audio player - Nice...

*. The other applications and their versions are basically the same at this moment (libreoffice, etc).

So, if you can't wait till they release it officially, then why not give a try for Ubuntu 11.04 beta 2?

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