Drakfire Caffe GTK3, A "Coffee" Looking Theme for Gnome3/Shell

Drakfire Caffe GTK3 is another shell theme for all you Gnome3 geeks out there!. Although personally I'm not much of a fan of these type of colors in themes but then I guess just because I don't like doesn't mean there won't be others, right?.

If that's the case and if you're looking for another Gnome3/Shell theme that uses a lot of dark brown type colors (or Yellow... seriously I'm a bad artist... can't even say what color it is :P) then you'd love the Darkfire Cafe.

To be honest guys, I haven't used this at all but when reading through some of the comments in the author page someone said, the colors make it really easy to work on a darker environment. So that might come in handy.... :(.

Anyway, ff you want to install then get the zipped pack from here. And visit this deviantart author page for installing instructions. Enjoy!.

Note - If you're using Gnome 3 in Ubuntu then you can install a tool called Gnome tweak tool which lets you easily configure themes and some of their advanced options in Gnome3. So to install Gnome Tweak tool simply insert the below command in your Terminal.
sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

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