Drive Traffic Directly from Amazon to Your Site Through Amazon PPC Advertising Campaign

PPC advertising campaigns or pay per click ads (like Google adsense or Chithika) are not something new actually and if I'm not mistaken it was Google who first introduced it. Anyway, as many are aware, is one of the largest web-based companies that receives MAMMOTH traffic, both direct and organic (via search engines such as Google or Bing) on daily basis.

Now few years ago amazon announced their first PPC advertising program which as I put in the title takes a bit different approach. Unlike Google, they're not a search engine. So, as advertisers, all of your ads are displayed within Amazon web sites, in sub-pages or on search results within the site.

So as an advertiser, you have to bid for ads and can drive traffic from to your own web site as with any other PPC campaign, just like Adsense. But unlike adsense ads, with Amazon you can create a multimedia rich advertisements.

For instance, have a look at the below example of an Amazon PPC ad that you can create by uploading pictures, etc with your sign-up account. Now currently Adsense does not allow advertisers to include any pictures for their ads.

But like Chithika (who renamed into "Arithipandu" recently), with Amazon PPC program, your ads are multimedia rich than Adsense. Now, remember, Amazon does not get involved in shipping or anything, they are all done by the advertisers themselves (or the web site owners who receive traffic from these ads that are displayed in, in other words). Their bids seems to be a bit lower than Adsense as well.

An example of an Amazon PPC ad...

To be honest, I'm not an expert on this subject, thus have no idea the impact of designing ads this way... but when considering the success that Chithika or now known as Arithipandu had with their ad formats I think this is a great way to get traffic if you have good products that can be sold nonetheless. 

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