ESET NOD32 Antivirus Suite Is Available for GNU/Linux!

Although it's true that when comparing with Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX... GNU/Linux does miss attacks from viruses/malware/spyware :P, which is a good thing. Because in search for a protection, when you install an Antivirus on your PC it does slow-down the computer.

But the more Linux gets popular the more "interests" it receives from the virus "manufactures" (bad dudes!), so nowadays it's always better to install an antivirus software in Linux rather than not to have one. Although we had the AVG Linux edition for a long time now but the latest news is that, ESET, the developer of the famous NOD32 antivirus suite has released a version for Linux users!. 

Hello Linux! :)...
Mr. Richard Marko, the CEO of ESET explained their reasons for the release by saying that...

"Given the importance of consumer and business usage of Linux, it is essential to equip users with advanced security software to protect against cyber-attacks,"

Anyway, unlike with AVG... there are no free versions with ESET :(. But they do let you install and use it for like 30 days before you have to buy it. And currently the NOD32 for Linux comes in two version. One is aimed for the commercial workstations and the other is intended for the home users.

So, if you want to install it in Linux or wanna know more, then please visit this official ESET page.

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