Ext2Read, Read All Your "Ext2/3/4" GNU/Linux File Systems in Microsoft Windows!

Microsoft will never include the ability for their operating system to read GNU/Linux partitions by default. It's amazing what few years can bring. I remember, not that long ago, around 2004-2005, how hard it was to find something that can read "Ext" file systems in Microsoft windows.

Although a certain partition manager did come with a one but you had to pay a big price for the software.

Anyhow, if you dual boot with Microsoft Windows a GNU/Linux distribution that has a partition created using the "Ext/2/3 or the never 4" version, then Ext2Read is one of the totally free application that lets you read these GNU/Linux file systems under windows!.

You can even read LVM2 volumes as well. Not just copying/ files... but it supports mass folder copy.. etc too. But it can only read these file systems... it's not that it can't but I think the developers are a bit scared of letting you "Write" while on Widows since you can do some serious damage to the partition by doing so.

Still, if you want to copy a document or a folder that was in the "Home" folder, etc... then Ext2Read is very handy nonetheless. Get it from this official Ex2Read page. No need to install, just extract the .zip file and simply run the ".exe" file.

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