Few Tips To Enhance Your Android Phone's Battery Life!

Thanks to the Google powered Android OS... mobile phone manufactures that use Android as their OS are getting more and more popular as a result, without a doubt in the near future, they'll start dominating in all sorts of ways like Tablet PC (oh they already are :D) markets, etc.

Anyhow, these days we're seeing android smart phones that come with dual processors!... which is tempting but...

Some of these smart phones are actually faster than some of our PC as well (OK I'm taking about mine here). But the point is that, no matter how powerful your phone is but if the battery is not capable of giving you a longer batty life... then it just destroys the whole purpose, isn't it? So, let's have a look at few things that you can do to improve the battery life of you android smart phone.

What are the apps that sucks your battery the most - If you navigate to: Settings > About Phone > Battery > Battery Use..... with the help of this feature you can easily figure out those battery suckers more easily.

1. As obvious as it is... the Screen comes first. 

So as a tip, you can override the automatic brightness of your screen by going over to: Settings > Display > Brightness and remove the check of "Automatic Brightness". Now, try manually setting a value about 10-15% for a start. And also there is a built in widget that lets you easily activate/inactivate these settings via a single click.

So enable that widget - press and hold on an empty section of your screen, choose Widgets, and pick the Power Control option.

You can also change the screen timeout settings from 60 seconds to 15-20 seconds as well (Settings -> Display) as well.

3. Turn of your...

*. 3G - another big batter eater.

*. WiFi - Unlike many 3G connections Wi-Fi is not that widely used (well not always true but in comparison). So if you don't use it that much, then, turn that sucker off too.

*. Bluetooth - If you don't use headsets or other Bluetooth related things that often you can turn off it completely or can set it to stand-by mode.

*. Disable GPS (not everyone gets trapped in jungles :D ).

3. Change the "update intervals" of apps

Applications such as Gmail and Twitter client for Android, Facebok, etc are continuously checking for new updates which can again easily wear down your valuable battery. So set their update intervals to about 30 mins or 1 hours, or to longer periods in general which would help to calm them down a bit :).

4. If you have animations that runs in the background, etc.. disable them.

5. Don't let it get too "hot" - Yep, the battery wears out (can do some damages too) easily if it gets too hot. So let it get too hot.

6. Have you tried wiping out your battery status?

Only an illustration... the menu could differ from phone to phone...

Don't do this often, but once in a while you should wipe out your battery status too. For instance, there is a file called "battery-status" that stores information about your battery. But from time to time (especially if you did an OS update, etc) it has to be "refreshed", there are certain precautions that you have to do prior to do that. In that case I humbly advice you to read this lifehacker post. Good luck.

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