Grsync, Sync Two Directories Easily in GNU/Linux

Grsync is a very powerful application that you can you to easily backup your data in GNU/Linux (actually it's also available for Windows as well). It's written GTK+ but does not need any Gnome libraries to run either. Although not the most professional looking app but still, for its purpose, it's pretty good nonetheless.

From syncing local directories to network drives... Grsync is a pretty handy tool to have around!.

Main features...

*. Supports backup simulations.

*. Log file support.

*. Clean and easy to use interface.

*. Import-export settings to a file.

*. Supported protocols - Rsync, Rdiff, SFTP, SSH.

*. Encryption support.

*. And as mentioned before you can make backups of both local and remote storage.

If you use Ubuntu you can easily install Grsync by issuing the below command.
sudo apt-get install grsync
That's it.

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