Have You Tried Ubuntu Skin Pack for Windows XP Yet?

You may love it or hate it... but still Window XP or Microsoft's operating systems are among the widely used ones. But fear not my dear friend, GNU/Linux is certainly catching up :P, no seriously it is.

Anyhow, if you still use the old Window XP or actually forced to used it, you know like in your Office... then you'd be wondering if there's a way to completely transform your Window XP to look like Ubuntu!.

Well, apparently there is a way. I'm not just talking about the theme itself, a complete pack. So after installing the Ubuntu Skin Pack 1.0 in XP it'll give you...

*. The Ubuntu theme (a bit older version actually, sorry about that).

*. Wallpapers (again a bit old the pack was last updated in 2010, but you can always get the Natty Wallpapers from here)

*. Icons.

*. A log-in theme.

*. A start menu icon... etc.

All you gotta do is go and get the installation wizard from here and after downloading, double click and follow the instruction on your screen. Credit goes to the hameddanger from deviantart.

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