Here Comes the Lubuntu 11.04!, Yep It's also Out Out!

If you don't know much about Lubuntu, then it is another derivative of Ubuntu that's designed for PC users with low-end hardware. It's not an official Ubuntu project and not more than two years of age, yet, the OS is already widely used by users with OLD PCs (no need to feel bad, I do have a very old Laptop, no can't even discuss the hardware with you :P).

Lubuntu 11.04, looks very promising...

Anyway, recently they announced a new theme (which looks awesome btw) that gives a much better professional touch to the OS in general and the new 11.04 version comes with few main applications that are again aimed at low-end computers such as:

*. Abi-Word - An old word processor written in GTK+. Loads faster than OpenOffice or LibreOffice and lets you do almost anything that other word processors let you do.

*. Chromium - Again, both Chromium and Chrome are well known for loading fast. So it's not a surprise that they've chosen the Chromium over Firefox4.

*. Pidgin - This is actually one of the best messaging clients available for GNU/Linux that supports almost all the major chat-protocols. Extremely popular.

*. Audacious - The default music player. Easy to use, loads fast and written in GTK+ and supports album management, album art downloading, integration, etc...

*. Sylpheed - The mailing client, has a reputation of being faster than most others.

These are few of the main packages... and if you want to give a try at Lubuntu 11.04, then first try this Torrent link first or can use this direct download link if you like. And while as Lubuntu team has been saying in their web site that, they're hoping that someday Canonical will consider supporting them "officially"..., simultaneously with this launch... Mark Shuttleworth has said something very intersting that's gonna thrill the Lubuntu fans without a doubt...
“The fact that you are now 100% in the archive, and using PPA’s and other tools effectively, makes it possible for us to consider recognising Lubuntu as an official part of the [Ubuntu] project. “
It seems that the Lubuntu, if they keep their current hardworking style... they're gonna have a much brighter future without a doubt. Congrats dudes (and dudes), well done :).

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