How Can You Fix If Your Adsense Check Came With Only A Portion of Your Full Name?

Few days ago I received my first ever Adsense check from Google (condolences accepted :P). But there was an apparent error, which was that for some reason that check only included a portion of my full name. For instance let's say that my full name is (below one is not my real name, a fake one, only an example)...
"My Full Initials + Nuwan Ajith Edirisinge"
Now my full name is actually a bit longer than that, anyhow the check that I received from from big G only had a portion of my above full name, for instance...
"My Full Initials + Nuwan Aji" 
So as you can see, even though all the other details such as Address, etc were correct but without that name... the bank would not issue the check. The reason for the above issue is actually as said before, the bank automatically copies your name from the Adsense account... but if it's too long for the automated system to include, then it seems only to include a portion of the name (the max amount of characters it supports).

If your received a check with a wrong name or missed spellings, then you can simply ask for a check re-issue, but in this situation, as you can see, it simply won't work. So my only hope was to contact someone from the official Google Adsense team.

To be honest, I did panick (a bit) and it's not like you can send an e-mail to Adsense team saying to fix that (unless you're a premium Adsense publisher). As a normal Adsense publisher, my "options" were limited.

The Official Adsense Forum...

Now if you have a similar issue... then this is how I was able to fix the above problem.

*. First go to this official Adsense forum (lots of friendly guys and girls :D) and under "Discussion Categories" click on the "Payments" link.

*. Now once inside the "Payments" section (it's better if you're logged in with your Adsense account, if you have multiple Google accounts) from the top left corner, click on the link that says "Post a question" and follow the instructions.

A simple tip - Now this forum gets a massive amount of requests and there is a certain way that it works. As far as I know, official Adsense team (Google employers) don't read your questions. It's community driven, meaning that they are first read by experienced users called "Top Contributors".

If they came across your question/s, first they "flap" your question, then... only then, it's automatically added to the "request list" which is processed by the Google Adsense team members. So sometimes, especially if you're outside of US and posted a question during your daytime (your Country) then by the time the "Top Contributors" get around the forum... your question might've been gone under "thanks" to the other user questions.

So the best thing to do is to make sure to post your questions during the daytime of United States. This has happened to me before, first I posted my question at the wrong time and even after 4-5 days... I got no responses! (yikes). But then after following the above mentioned advice from a friend, I got a response within hours!.

Also remember that, when posting your questions make sure to click on that message which says (activated by default) "E-mail me when people reply" and every time someone responses you'll be notified via an e-mail.

And after 2 days, I was contacted by an official Adsense team member who said that he/she had manually requested my troublesome :P full name to be inserted into the check from the bank and said that now it's fixed. But... I have to wait another 3-4 weeks to find out (until the check arrives). Anyhow, if you had/have a similar issue, hope this was helpful.

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