How To Install Gnome-Do in Ubuntu, A Powerful App Launcher for GNU Linux

I think it was the OpenSuse developers who gave the "Windows XP looking" start-menu to the Gnome desktop. By using that start menu you could not only easily launch apps, but it made searching for apps a real breeze as well.

But I was always compelled to stick to the default Gnome start-menu (although it is obvious they got the idea from the Apple) simply because that start-menu gave me the impression I was still using Windows XP!.

So my pride got in between those choices thus making the life a bit difficult :). Then I heard about the Gnome-Do!. To put it into simple terms, Gnome-Do is an advanced app launcher that gives you the ability to command your PC using a singe GUI.

Since it also supports expanding features via plugins, starting with things such as ....

*. Launching installed applications in your GNU Linux OS.

*. Search for Bookmarks, contacts, files and music... can all be done using this amazing singe app!.

Search for Music...

*. Easily launch apps using keyboard shortcuts (type "f" for staring Firefox for instance).

Gnome-Do is a very intelligent utility. For example if you visit frequently a singe web site, say, Google or Canonical... then by simply typing "go" or "can", Gnome-Do will most probably come-up with the suggestion thus opening the web-link automatically via the web browser!. Pretty cool for a dub computer right ? ;-).

So, if you use Ubuntu 10.10 and can't wait to install Gnome-Do, then open your Terminal and issue the below command.
sudo apt-get install gnome-do

If you use an older version, then please visit this page for the proper guidance.

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