How To Install Listen In Ubuntu, Another "Cool" Audio Player For GNU Linux

Although "Listen" is not as popular as Banshee or Rhythmbox... but "Listen" is one of the most advanced audio players that you can find for Linux without a doubt. It is written in Python (not the animal kind... a programing language :P.. kidding) and from accessing Wikipedia or lastfm for lyrics management to powerful Equalizers... it has "everything".

Wanna listen! :)
Main features...

*. Supports a lot of audio formats.

*. Can even be used as an audio converter as well.

*. Burn audio CDs.

*. MP3, etc tag editing.

*. Automatically downloads covers.

*. Easily manage large albums.

*. Podcast/s and iPod support. 

*. Playlist support... ace just a few to mention.

So, if you run Ubuntu as your main OS and want to install "Listen", then, open your Terminal and enter the below command.

sudo apt-get install listen

To enable iPod support, you have to install few additional packages, to do that issue the below command again using the Terminal.

sudo apt-get install libgpod4

sudo apt-get install python-gpod

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