How To Install Pidgin in Ubuntu, A Free Chat Client Which Supports Popular Protocols

Pidgin is a very very popular universal chat client that supports various protocols set by Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, ICO, AIM, etc. Although these are few of the major chat protocols that I wrote here, but currently it supports about 14-15 major chat client protocols!, which is actually one of the reasons behind its popularity.

So, if you want to keep chatting with all you Gmail buddies or Yahoo geeks... via a single application, then Pidgin is an amazing "little" utility that is capable of doing amazingly "big" things for the end users nonetheless. The GUI is written in GTK+ and being a Gnome friendly app, it has an easy to use, minimized "options" GUI.  as well.

It supports plug-ins and using various different plug-ins made by the official or the third-party developers, you can easily expand its usability such as adding sound effects for notifying or setting up your keyboard shortcuts for various tasks or can even set it up for integration are few to mention.   

So, if you want to give a try for Pidgin in Ubuntu, fire-up your Terminal and enter the below command to install it.

sudo apt-get install pidgin

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