Image Uploading to Imageshack via "Unity's Launcher" Made Easy

Imageshack is one of the largest online image storing websites in the world. From film screenshots to personal images... millions of people use it everyday. Although there are few tools for windows, but even though I'm not a huge fan of the Upcoming Ubuntu's desktop module called "Unity", but if you love Unity and also heavily uses Imageshack on daily basis, then this "Drag-n-Drop" app for Imageshack will most definitely come in handy without a doubt.

Via: OMG-Ubuntu

As you can guess, once installed, you can easily upload images to Imageshack via the Unity's app launched by simply drag-n-drop. To install it, open your Terminal and issue the below command.

wget –directory-prefix=/tmp –default-page=imgupload && chmod +x /tmp/imgupload && sudo mv /tmp/imgupload /usr/bin

Then download the ".desktop" file which ads the icon for launcher from here. Once you've downloaded it, simply drag and drop the ".desktop" file into the launcher.

So, from now on, every time you want to upload an image to Imageshack, simply select the image and drag and drop it to the "icon" on the launcher in Unity (you need to have installed Ubuntu 11.04 for this). That's it.

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