Install Avidemux in Ubuntu, One of the Best Video Editor for GNU Linux

Avidemux one of the best video editors for GNU Linux!. From things such as cropping or re-encoding DVD or a single video file to another format to applying various video enhancing effects ... this is a must have if you want to easily convert multimedia files in Linux.

Main GUI...

Main features...

*. Supports various codecs such as xvid, MPEG, DVDs, MP4, ASF, etc.

*. Can copy multimedia files from one container to another without encoding.

*. Easy to use GUI.

*. Various video and audio effects.

*. Crop, change/calculate bit-rate, audio boost, etc.

*. Change frame-rate. 

*. Supports FFmpeg libraries. 

*. Change out-put file size.

...are just a few to name. So, if you use Ubuntu and want to give it a try, then first download this package. Now double click it and install it first. After that, open your Terminal and issue the below command to install Avidemux.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install avidemux

That's it, enjoy!. 

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