Install Beep Media Player (BMP) in Ubuntu, A "Refreshed" Version of XMMS Player

XMMS is one of the oldest players for GNU Linux. It is written using an older version of GTK (1.2+), even after a modern looking skin, still, the menus look a bit ugly. Then someone or few developers decided to take that "old" XMMS code and create a modern looking (3D and re-polished look... you know) audio player which is called BMP (Beep Media Player).

One of the advantages of both XMMS and BMP is that, they both support Winamp 2.x skins! and have a GUI very similar to Winamp as well.

Main features...

*. Written in newer version of GTK+ thus resulting a better integration in Gnome desktop.

*. Playlist support.

*. Album management.

*. MP3 tag editing, etc.

*. Plays popular audio formats (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, etc).

So in Ubuntu you can install BMP with ease using the command line. To do that, open your Terminal and issue the below command.

sudo aptitude install beep-media-player

But also note the fact that, Beep Media Player is actually no longer developed... yet I haven't come up with any bugs while I was using it in the past. So, it is pretty safe to use nonetheless. You can get few skins for it using the below command as well.

sudo apt-get install bmp-skins 

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