Install Brightside App in Ubuntu, Set Those "Edges" The Way You Want!

Like with the MacOSX, Brightside is a small app that lets you customize the behavior of your screen edges. Although currently in Gnome2, you can do something similar to this if you have installed the Compiz window manager. But Brightside is for those who haven't installed Compiz.

Besides changing corners, you can also use it to flip-corners too. For instance, you can move your mouse to the corner of your current workspace and adjacent workspace.

Other main features...

*. Fade-out volumes.

*. Start/stop screensaver.

*. Lock screen.

*. Dim laptop back-lit.

*. Put the PC to stand-by, suspend and off modes.

If you want to install Brightside in Ubuntu, then you can easily do that using the Terminal. Simply enter the below command.
sudo apt-get install brightside

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Silversleeves said...

Does anyone know if the author of Brightside made available a "lockout-free" version of this utility?

Leave your screensaver running for any length of time greater than 15 or 20 minutes, and on 'recovery,' this will present you with a dialog asking for your user password. You don't need to choose "Lock Screen" as one of your hot-corner commands to get it, either. Bad form, imo.


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