Install Gnome Deskbar Applet in Ubuntu

Gnome Deskbar applet is your single place for finding or launching almost anything from local hard drives to on the internet using an easy to use GUI. From searching directly in Google to local search HDD indexer beagle to using it as a dictionary or even a web-bookmaker... it is very very handy!.

Main features...

*. Files and folder search within your PC.

*. Online search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, e-bay, etc).

*. Heck.. it even comes with a calculator.

*. Bookmark search.

*. Turn-off, reboot, stand-by your PC directly through the app.

*. Launch apps or recently used documents.

*. Wikipedia suggestions.

*. Yahoo suggestions.

*. Window switcher... are just a few to name.

So if you want to install Gnome Deskbar applet in Ubuntu, then open the Terminal and issue the below command.

apt-get install deskbar-applet

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