Install MyNotex 1.1.4 In Ubuntu 11.04/10.10

MyNotex is an all purpose note taking application for GNU/Linux. It also gives users the ability to convert notes that were taken from different note taking applications such as Tomboy or Gnote as well. But MyNotex is not just a converter, but it could be the perfect companion for taking quick notes say when you're in a meeting for example...

And if you're concerned about the security of your documents MyNotex does have the ability to encrypt your documents as well.

Few main features...

*. Import Tomboy and Gnote files.

*. Easily write letters, memos, idea, etc.

*. Write PDF files.

*. Copy HTML files/web pages directly from your web browser and save them as HTML.

*. Manage task-list, you know, getting things done "lists".

*. Share your notes with others.

*. Encrypt and add passwords to documents and many more...

So if you run Ubuntu or Debian GNU/Linux, then you can easily install MyNotex by downloading the appropriate package from here and simply double clicking on it.

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