Install Phatch in Ubuntu 10.10, Customize Bulk Images at Once in Linux (GUI)

If you have a lot of pictures that has to be processed using a standard method (applying cropping, changing corners, background color, borders, etc in the same amount for each photo), then you must try Phatch. It is pretty easy to use and comes with a simple GUI (including a well documented help files).

Here are the main features...

*. Changing colors.

*. Background colors.

*. Crop images.

*. Change hue, brightness, etc.

*. Borders/margins.

*. Apply watermarks.

*. Add text.

*. Rounded corners, etc...

A huge time saver! :)...

Since applying the same settings for hundreds or thousands of images is gonna take like forever ;-), Phatch makes everything automatic and finishes within minutes by saving a lot of your time as well. So, if you use Ubuntu, issue the below command to install it.

sudo apt-get install phatch

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