Install SciTE in Ubuntu, A Versatile, Advanced Text Editor for GNU Linux

Although Gedit (the default text editor for Gnome) does an excellent job when it comes to editing texts and as a regular user, you'd rarely feel the need for another as a result. But for those of you do coding or interested in an excellent Syntax highlighting text editor, you should try SciTE at least for 5 minutes :D.

Not only a tool for programmers but because of the GUI, it can also be used as an excellent usual text editor as well. As said when it comes to highlighting text or codes, SciTE just rocks!. Although it is certainly not the only one which can highlight multiple language coding under a single file, still, it it quite impressive.

So if you run Ubuntu and wondering how to install SciTE, then open your Terminal and issue the below command to automatically install it.

sudo apt-get install scite


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