Install WinFF in Ubuntu, A Multimedia Encoding Front-end for FFMpeg

The days of searching your ass-off, trying to find a multimedia converter for GNU Linux are finally over, it seems. WinFF is a GUI for the powerful FFMpeg multimedia handling library. Since FFMpeg supports almost all the known multimedia codecs in the planet... with the help of WinFF, you can convert almost any video/audio file to any given format using a very easy to use GUI!.

Main features...

*. Unlike the command-line version, now you can change settings graphically such as - Setting bit-rate, resolutions, cropping, single-dual pass video, etc.

*. Supports a lot of codecs such as - mp3, aac, MPEG, H.264, Ogg Vorbis, Xvid, Divx, etc.

*. Play videos directly from the window.

*. Add lists of files to be converted.

*. Additional advanced options.

*. Supports multithreading (for PCs with more than a one core). 

*. Built in presets, etc.

If you use Ubuntu and wondering how to install WinFF, then open your Terminal and issue the below command.

sudo apt-get install winff

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