Install Zuki, A Beautiful Looking GTK+ Theme for Gnome 2+

Apart from the apparent usability issues (in my opinion anyway) Gnome still is one of the most widely used "Free" desktops for GNU Linux. Now, Gnome team decided to move to a different "level" which as a result brought us the all new Gnome3. But still, if you'd like to stick with the old Gnome 2+ version and looking for a beautiful looking GTK/Metacity theme, then Zuki is a must have!.

Zuki with Gnome desktop

To be honest, the colors are "inspired" by MacOSX it seems, but the rest assured, it looks clean and elegant. There is a GTK theme engine called Murrine, and the Zuki is based on that engine. The theme support both Nautilus and the Nautilus elementary. If you want to use the simplified elementary version, then you'll have to install it first. But you can still you the theme with the default Nautilus as well. 


*. First download the zipped package from here.

*. Now, extract the content to "/home/Your Username/.themes" or if you want the theme to be available for all the users, then extract the content to "/usr/share/themes" (you'll need administrator privileges for that).


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