KDE 4.7 Comes With a "Better" Shutdown Menu

Although KDE 4.7 isn't out, yet, but it's showing a lot of promises already. For instance they've decided to add a "better" shutdown menu. Now whenever you try to shutdown in KDE, you're given the chance to decide to which operating system that you want to boot the next time!.

As can be seen with the screenshot, say that you have Windows7 installed, then you can choose Widows7 and when the computer reboots, and the boot-loader will automatically redirect you to Windows7. I'm not quite sure where, but I've seen this somewhere else actually. I think it was KDE sometime ago.. not sure though. Any opinions?. Anyhow, it would be pretty cool if they include a graphical boot loader configuration app as well.

Oh and, they won't release KDE 4.7 any sooner.. it's scheduled around July (27th to be precise), 2011.


Anonymous said...

That's actually 4.7.*4* scheduled for December, the 4.7 release day is July 27. :)

Gayan said...


Thank you. updated the post :).

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