Kubuntu 11.04 is Released!

Simultaneous to the Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (11.04) release which brings the long waited... talked Unity desktop... the official KDE version of Ubuntu called Kubuntu has also released their 11.04 version as well. Unlike many other previous versions... this does bring some important new features according to their release log.

*. Comes with the KDE 4.6 version which brings the Kwin manager (default window handler for KDE).

According to the Kubuntu team, KWin now needs less resources but performs faster than previous versions!. Other benefits include better VGA driver integration, new power management GUI (very impressive and looks gorgeous!) + few improvements to the Dolphin as well (KDE's file manager).

*. File sharing made easy because of Samba!.

Sharing a file or a folder across a network has never been this easy according to Kubuntu team!. Just right click on the file/folder in Dolphin file manager and go to "Properties" and simply, share!.

Samba ... Samba ... Samba....

*. Better printer configuration.

Including few bug fixes... the new printer configuration now ingrates better with a lot of printers.

*. OwnCloud.

This is a cloud based storage that are hosted directly at KDE servers. Now as a Kubuntu user, you can easily access and manage your OwnCloud easily.

*. Switched to Phonon Gstreamer back-end.

It's a bit sad actually. KDE is certainly not second to no one and from certain aspects... it's way ahead of Gnome too. But for some reason (well, they say it's due to better compatibility with Ubuntu) they've decided to use the Gstreamer (the developers of Gstreamer won't say it's a Gnome project... but they seem to prefer Gnome :) ) as the multimedia framework.

Although the new Phonon... which is the KDE's own impressive multimedia framework, again due to compatibility, Kubuntu will be using Gstreamer via a Phonon back-end. Let's hope that next time they'll give us a full "KDE-lized" desktop.

Anyhow, these are few of the main features of Kubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal according to their official release announcement and all the details such as how to download it are also in that page. So follow the link and read it. And if you're upgrading from 10.10 version... then please read this official instruction page before proceeding. Good luck.


SamO said...

At time like this I'm realy glad we have the possibility to select other alternatives freely in Linux. I don't like Unity at all it's too dumbed-down for my taste, so I've started looking for alternatives and felt in love with Kubuntu. It realy is quite a lot ahead of good old GNOME and if GNOME 3 and Unity continue to bas as bad as current versions then I'll be a happy KDE user for uiqte some time I guess.

Gayan said...


Exactly!. If KDE can keep their current level of quality... it may give them the ideal opportunity to "steal" some of those frustrated users as you said. Excellent point :).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right it’s wonderful blah bla..
I just spent 10 hs on this shit (Kubuntu 11.04 I mean..installed from a 32bit iso file burned to a cd and checked as suggested by the forum of Ubuntu and Kubu) replacing my W7 starter of course (which sucked too.. but at least worked ..) and I am still crushing every 10 min. Booting time is shameful, softwares available .. well only skype worked fine so far.
KMPlayer, Foxit creator, utorrent, nothing seems to be working on my machine anymore. Wien is drunk on this version I guess. 0 assistance so far.
I love KMPlayer (the korean one, not that shit in Kernel with the same name..which I have also installed and doesn’t play anything..FLV ..). I was able to load 20gb of music with cover art/slideshow, fullscreen and all with a click. Now, not even a single song is played. The consol appears and that’s it. Wine keeps whining around!
Even the browser Rekong, good looking fellow I thought, is doing badly.
Wallet keps asking for a password every time to validate my connection.. what a blast.
All windows are oversized (documents and browser). Cant properly fit the 10.2 netbook (asus eeepc dual core n550, 1.5×1.5ghz, 2gb ram, 320gb hhd) and I have to resize them every damn time. System Setting wont fix the issue.
My Samsung Wave s5250 exists on the machine now as a camera, Kies can’t be installed on Kernel apparently. So no phone. And no one to help is coming yet through the community.. guess too soon.
The appearances are yes, quite nice but at what cost?
Nothing works.
btw esktop effects on my netbook WONT WORK EITHER. It says desktop effects are too slow so kubu disables them. Ah Ah Ah.. faannttaastic!!

My fault? Well of course. Not being a geek nor a software eng. I guess does the trick. But then again, that shouldn’t stop anyone from using the software should it?
I’ll pop in Ubuntu 11.04 tonight. See what happens.

Day 2.

Couldn’t install Ubuntu yesterday. Kubu (Wine too)wouldn’t let an immature like myself play with (reboot from cd didnt work either.. tried from bios too) a cd that I burned on the same pc (that seemed have worked , ..seemed). So still stuck with it.
Window size fucked my backing up of data, of course. They got stucked oversized , couldnt drag , nor resize manually. Spent 2 h solving the stupid problem (that occurred misteriousely) going through the setting (desk effects.. a bunch of them that dont even work most of the time.. bad graphic chip on my side perhaps? Well it is an asus dual core after all and it has 2gb of ram so what thefu!).
Solved the desktop effect issue through a post on the web (apparently someone else had the same problem.. what a luck).
Set a nice 6 desktop appereance cube effect that had me going for a while.. thought of keeping the piece of shit.. and inevitably the whole thing went missing after few reboots!

I am thinking about throwing my new laptop out of the window today.

Bad installation?? Corrupted file perhaps?
Hope for the Kubuntu community that one of those options would be the case.

Gayan said...


Dude I'm really sorry man, I really am :). I understand the frustration that Linux sometimes puts on us ... I had my personal share of it (not good memories).

With all the due respect... have you tried "Linux Mint" ??.

And I personally don't like all these "effects" either... Compiz can also be frustrating sometimes as well (even when you have a perfectly powerful GPU).

Hope you'll be able to fix the issues soon :).

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