Kubuntu NattyNarwhal (11.04) Beta1 Is Out!

For all of those who hate Gnome and want to find a way to escape from its simplicity, the KDE is the best alternative. But a lot of major distributions support Gnome by default (KDE has a darker history ... a bit..) still thanks to distributions like Kubuntu, KDE is still going really strong.

Ubuntu recently announced the NattyNarwwhal few days ago and by following them, the Kubuntu team have also annouced the Kubuntu beta 1 (Natty) few hours ago. So, if you want to experience the package updates or new features of the upcoming 11.04 version, then you might wanna try it out, when  considering features this beta release bring...

Here are few of the updated features...

*. Samba sharing -

Now as easy as like right clicking on your  folders in Dolphin file manager you can easily share files via Samba protocol.

*. Owncloud -

By default, Ubuntu gives its users a free Ubuntu One online storage package... now with this update, Kubuntu team has also announced an online storage system directly hosted on KDE servers.

*. Phonon to Gstreamer -

KDE has a multimedia framework of its own called the Phonon (similar to the famous Gstreamer, the one Gnome uses) which was previously used in Kubuntu, but with this beta version, they've decided to use the Phonon Gstreamer back-end, or have switched to Gstreamer in other words.

*. GTK Oxygen Theme - Now applications such as Firefox or anything that uses GTK will easily fit in with KDE.

*. Games - In their own words,

By popular demand we've squeezed a game of patience onto the CD

 *. And few major bug fixes are also included.

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