The Long Awaited Gnome 3 Is Finally Released!

First of all, I'd like to congratulate everyone behind this release of Gnome!, well done guys and gals ;-). Anyway, I'm not going to write a review of the Gnome 3, because I haven't tried it out yet. But within these two days I will and then write a post about my opinions about it.

Oh!, you are something special ...

You can try Gnome 3 without installing it on your current GNU Linux distribution and can just download a fresh Gnome3 based distro "ISO" image from their official site (currently on OpenSuse and Fedora). Unlike the previous Gnome desktops, the version "3" does bring a lot of changes. Have a look at this official YouTube channel video (featuring Jason Clinton).

I haven't been able to find a hardware requirement page for Gnome 3, but while reading their official faq, I found that you should be able to run Gnome 3 even with a graphic card that it 5-6 years old. And to get the Gnome3 experience, you do need a graphic card with hardware acceleration. 

And almost all of the applications that are designed to run in Gnome2 should run in the new version 3 as well (including the GTK+ themes). 

Fedora Core 15 is due to be released in May 24 or something (2011) I think, but I will not wait till it comes out try the Gnome3. If you have used Gnome3, could you please share few thoughts?...

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Anonymous said...

THis is only for intel desktops, It does not work with any other graphics chips For that matter even intels latest desktop boards dont work, All you find with high end graphics cards is a crippled fallback mode and that too with the lower taskbar gone, SO better dont use it
Not worth the trouble

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