Meet "Agora", An Android Based Sexy Looking Tablet!

Agora is one of the latest android tablets from the Australian based high-tech company called Kogan. Few hours ago they announced the gorgeous looking Tablet-PC with a 7" touch screen display. Although it was almost about an year ago when we first heard about some of the rumors of this Tablet... so they've taken their time, it seems.  

Here are the main features...

*. Runs Android 2.2 version.

*. Biggest disappointment, no 3G, what!, yes.

*. Wi-Fi.

*. Easily capable of playing HD videos of 720p.

*. HDMI output.

*. 1 USB port and a 1 micro-SD slot.

*. Comes with a Samsung Cortex A8 Processor (1Ghz - single core).

*. 512MB DDR2 RAM.

*. 1024x600 screen-resolution.

*. 1.3MPX front camera.

*. 4GB NAND memory.

*. 3600mAH batter.

*. The whole Tablet weights about 390grams.

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