Meet the Android Based First "Tweet-TV" Phone from LG (Prototype)

LG few hours ago showed off their first prototype "Tweet-TV" platform based android smart phone called "Tweet-TV". Although as far as I know, Twitter has nothing to do with this (directly), the "Tweet-TV" is a platform developed by LG themselves which basically enables the users to watch TV on their mobile phones and "watch/react" using related Tweets at the same time.

Although the "idea" seems a bit ridicules, but when I heard them say...
Viewers engaged with Tweet-TV would be able to interact with program content and submit their comments on programs...

It is kinda interesting actually. This is just a prototype, but the phone will be released within this year and it will be interesting how the people react to it. Their platform get the help from the Mobile Digital TV framework which is another (a bit "shorter" version compared to the "Twitter-TV", perhaps) platform which lets the users to receive local whether or news updates (according to their geographic locations automatically) while watching TV on a small electronic device (mobile phone usually).

But personally, I don't like this at all. There are advantages, but this will easily "expose" the "audience" via their ideas and opinions much quicker than what we currently have "thanks" to cell phones or other things, thus making measuring the thought process of a nation much quicker which can have both negative and positive results. But they have a tendency to being end up as negatives rather than positive ones.

And from a physiological point of view, I'm not a big believer of using Language in "wider" ways either. By stimulating "gross" ways that people can "express" their emotions (negative ways) which the so called "Languages" fail thus reveling the obvious fundamental reason behind the birth of Languages which is to unbalance the human emotions by not letting them "expressed" in their true sense, it can easily create disharmony and gives the ideal opportunity for those at the "other-end" to create "power" through "chaos".  

Anyway, that's what I think, what do you think?...

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