Meet The Tomdroid, Tomboy Note "Taker" for Android Devices!

Tomboy is a very popular, easy to use note-taker that comes with the Gnome desktop. I has a unique GUI... well it looks like a sheet, like a real one being pasted on your computer screen, that's how it looks like :P.

Anyway, it's interesting how many GNU/Linux to -> Android OS, applications "migrations" are happening these days which again shows the close relationship (well there are apparent differences) between the two parties.
What's up!
So if you're a GNU/Linux user that uses our little "Tomboy" and also use your Android smart phone heavily + already starting feel like you're missing Tomboy... then fear not my friends, meet the Tomdroid, the exact replica of Tomboy in GNU/Linux for the Android!.

It is developed by as a Launchpad project and according to them the aim is simple... quoting their own words below,
"The aim of this project is to bring the same goodness to the Android platform. The goal is to be file format compatible and be able to sync notes with tomboy. Of course, keeping a great UI adapted to the mobile context is also a goal of this project."

Still it's at beta stage it seems, and only supports read-only at this time. But that's for a short while without a doubt. You can sync your date using Ubuntu One or Tomboy online accounts as well. Wanna give it a try? :). 

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