MKVToolnix, Put Any Multimedia Container Into the Matroska Format (Windows/Linux)

What is it ?

Mvktoolnix is a multimedia file-muxer. What a file-muxer does is, it copies audio and the video files that were kept separately (or sometimes, extract from an already muxed file container as well) and put it inside a single file which are called containers such as .avi, .mpg, .ogg, .ogm, .rv, are just few of the examples, although this tool only puts those formats inside the Matroska format.

Main GUI...

Although I'm not going to write a long boring article on what is a file muxer is but as you can see, a muxer is something that keeps multiple files inside a singe container/file. And unlike .avi, which is one of the oldest and the buggiest ... .mkv (matroska - one of the best open-source multimedia file container) on the other hand is one of the most durable highly customizable container I've seen so far.

So when do I'm gonna be needing the Mvktooln....x??

Sometimes I download these .avi files and although they play without any issues, but they don't seek well or don't seek at all. You can't use the slider in a GUI multimedia player and go back and forth in your video. Sometimes, after putting these buggy ".avi" content inside the ".mkv" I was able to seek the video properly. 

Another benefit is, most popular formats does not let you keep multiple files inside of them.

For instance, .avi does not support multiple audio nor video files inside of it. Although the MKV is not the only one but there are other good containers as well (.mp4 for instance, the successor for .avi, but proprietary format), yet with .mkv, you can put multiple audio and video files inside the single .mkv files.
But remember, it cannot fix all the seeking errors since there are a lot of reasons behind them. But if you want a multimedia container which can do ....

*. Multiple file support (multiple audio, video, subtitles, etc).

*. Chapter support (yes, as in the DVD's).

*. Very easy to use GUI.

*. Fix audio/video sync errors (you know, sometimes the audio comes before the video or after it..., you can easily fix it using Mkvtoolnix).

*. Split files (if you have a 1400MB video in ".avi" format, you can easily split it up using this tool).

*. Change aspect ratio, video cropping settings, FPS change, etc.

*. Change multimedia meta descriptions - title, author, etc.

... are just a few to name. If you run Microsoft windows then get this automated installer, for Ubuntu 10.10 users please follow the below method.

Open your Terminal and give the below command

sudo echo 'deb ./' >> /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo wget -q

sudo apt-key add gpg-pub-moritzbunkus.txt

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix mkvtoolnix-gui

If everything went well, this should automatically install Mkvtoolnix on your Ubuntu PC without any problems.

If you run Ubuntu 10.04 then replace the "deb ./" with this line "deb ./"

How to use it?

1. First open the Mkvtoolnix and click on the "input" tab -> "add" or you can just simply drag and drop files as well.

2. After doing your changes, from the bottom section choose your location to save the file and click "start muxing".

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