More Space To Running Applications, The Definition of the Modern Desktop Module

Google started it first with their Chrome web browser, no wait, I think it was actually Apple who tried to give more space to applications rather than creating a fat desktop which consumes a lot of valuable pixels thus giving less "space" for the running applications.

Anyhow, Jorge Castro (a Canonical Employee) has written a blog post which addresses the above scenario. They've measured how much space Gnome 2x, Gnome 3x and the Unity desktops consumes and have represented it using graphical graphs so we could get a better idea on how well these desktops implement this "new" trend.



And when looking at the graphs it seems that Unity is leading the way by giving away the possible spaces for applications (while they're running and even not running), although Gnome 2x is the fattest :P but both Unity and the new Gnome3 have similar "numbers". It would've been interesting if they've measured KDE as well but, an interesting read though... don't you think?.

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