My Launcher, Replace Your Android Phone Home Screen With this!

Android is fast becoming the dominant software figure in the mobile world. And even by default the OS packs a hell lot of features than Microsoft will ever let their Windows Phone users have.

For instance, the default android Home screen is pretty nice and clean. But if you want an even better looking (more 3D and few fancy effects etc) home screen you can try the totally free "My Launcher"!.

@Girls - Yep you can change the background.. who is it these days, Justin Bie... :)
Main features...

*. Easy to customize theme.

*. Clean and elegant looking dock-bar.

*. A more 3D-ied :P home screen (with effects such as cube, page turn etc).

*. Change menus.

*. 3D main menu.

*. Better icon tips (well copied from iOS it seems)... and more.

If interested you can install it freely from this market page. Enjoy!.

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