NASA's Gift for the Earth Day, Amazing Pictures of the Earth!

The official date of the World Earth Day is actually held at 22 April every year. So it's a bit late, but to free our minds from all these tech stuff... not for much longer, for few seconds :P , I thought I should share thees amazing pictures which were released by NASA for the Earth Day (taken from out of space of course).

Official "Earth-Day" logo...

It's a bit weird when looking at Earth from above... but they certainly looks gorgeous!, aren't they?.

Sarychev volcano on Russia's Kuril Islands just as it began to erupt (2009, June 12). 

The next picture is about the Cumulonimbus Clouds, which are actually the highest of all clouds that occur above 15,000 ft way up in Earth atmosphere. If you wonder about the anvil-top shape of these clouds, that's due to the high lateral winds at this altitude.

cumulonimbus cloud soars above Africa
Glaciers of northwest Greenland...

The below picture is another amazing picture of a massive Hurricane that took place in northeast of Puerto Rico which was called "Earl". This was actually one of the biggest of hurricane types, a type 4 one (out of 5!), "featuring" winds up to 135 miles per hour!.

The next picture is taken from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer in 2009, August 27. So the colors are "false" thus they represents, when converted into our "standards"...

Red - Vegetation areas and the surface of the glacier is marked with blue ice that is dirt-free and brown, dirty ice.

Get more pictures and information from this official NASA link.

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