Sentinella, Control Your PC Based on Hardware Threshold Limits!

Although in the never PCs or Laptops, there is a hardware based (runs via BIOS) system protecting software which automatically measures the hardware and if detected any anomalies, automatically shut-off the PC or takes safety precautions. But, since it is hardware based, the "options" are somewhat, limited.

Main interface of Sentinella (originally written in Qt)...

But, there is an app that runs on GNU Linux OS, which does exactly that, in fact, it can be customized better than those hardware based utilities thus giving the users a better control at how their PC should behave under heavy CPU heat or loads, low battery amounts, etc.

For instance, you can set it to automatically kill an app if it hangs on your PC resources too much or make the PC automatically shut-down or hibernate, etc as well. It's a handy app to have around don't ya think? :).

If you use Ubuntu Linux (10.04/10.10, should work for 11.04 as well), you can easily install Sentinella using the "Software Center" or using the Terminal.

So, open your terminal and enter the below command to install Sentinella.
sudo apt-get install sentinella

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