A Simple Script to Make SD Card Reading Faster in Android Mobiles!

Since there is nothing we can do about hardware related features/problems... that can slowdown your PC but when properly used or optimized a software can have a significant effect on the overall performance of a PC/Mobile phone nonetheless.

Xda developers - If you haven't heard about these dudes... they're a bunch of intelligent hackers who come up with lots of hacks and tools (applications etc) of their own to make the life of mobile users more easier. Starting with Windows phone... Android devices... to trying to run Linux on a HTC phones, they are bunch of ver smart people.

Anyhow, did you know that using a simple script, more likely changing certain values that are set by default ... that you could speed up the read/write processes of SD cards significantly faster in Android!. Yep... it seems to be working for most people.

So if you're interested to know how to do it then please read about how to install it etc from this Xda tread. Good luck.

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