TeamViewer 6 For Linux, How To Install it?

TeamViewer is a great application that lets you connect two PCs and do various tasks. For instance, if you want to let your computer geek friend :) to help a problem in your OS via his computer using a remote desktop connection with ease, then Teamviewer an elegant solution.

From sharing files between remote computers to easily creating a remote desktop connection via VPN, TeamViewer is one of the best apps that we currently have. They've released the version 6 which brings numerous changes when compared with the previous versions such as...

*. Runs more faster and secure.

*. After the remote user did a reboot, next time, TeamViewer 6 will connect the two PCs automatically.

*. Better password integration.

*. Enhanced online presentation support.

*. Added few languages, etc.

So if you use Ubuntu or any other GNU Linux distribution then go to this page and download the appropriate package and simply double click on it to automatically install it. Enjoy!.

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