Wanna A Cool Looking Debian Sqeeze Wallpaper?

Debian "used" to look like *hit in the past. I mean, when comparing with the gorgeous theme sets that Ubuntu and the amazing wallpapers that the Fedora artwork team deliver... Debian, yep, it looked like.. you know, it didn't look good.

Even aliens like Debian!...
But with their recent version 6 which took a lot longer than expected, not only they've done an amazing job enhancing the OS but, don't know about you, but I love that default Blueish :) wallpaper that comes with it. And when added a new Gnome theme, it can look as good as any!.

Anyhow, when I was browsing deviantart, I came up with a pretty cool wallpaper which is aimed at Debian Sqeeze. So I thought that for all those Debian Geeks :P, this might come in handy. Get the original wallpaper from here. The full credit goes to the creator doctormo at Deviantart.

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