Wanna Go to the San Francisco "Natty Party"??

Since almost everyone (including Obama and Mr. Gaddafi) is aware of the fact that tomorrow is a really big day for Canonical because it's the day (28th April, 2011) that they're going to release the next major Ubuntu OS, 11.04 version called Natty Narwhal.

Not Beer... Bear :)
If you're near San Francisco then few Ubuntu enthusiastic are gathering a little celebrating party simultaneous to the Natty's release. Below are the full details (extracted from Elizabeth Krumbach's public journal)...
Date: Thursday, April 28th
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Location: Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, 661 Howard Street, San Francisco 94105 (Map)
RSVP/LoCo Directory:
("RSVP not required, but helps us get some idea of attendance")
Now I gotta worn you... don't drink too much :P, kidding... actually there won't be any alcohol related activities of any kind (shit.. lost a bunch of dudes and dudeees already didn't I....) so there is no age limit. I think it's a great opportunity to get together and talk face to face about what others think of Canonical and recent "buzz" about Gnome and stuff.

I won't be able to attend to this because I have go and make sure that... OK I'm kidding... I'm from a fare far away country :(. Anyway, it's a restaurant with off-street parking, so if you really wanna enjoy with "real" Ubuntu geeks... then why not give it a try. Here's the full announcement.

*. If any of you able to attend to this meeting would you be kind enough to drop me a short post about what happened and stuff (a guest post) so I could post it. OK, thanks. 

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